Gxsun corp. E-bikes is originally came from simply e-bikes marketing that started 2009, we transform to Gxsun corp. E-bikes because of the demands of e-vehicle and expansion of our name and business too.

Our group continues to seek new technology with regards to electric vehicle to provide more dependable quality electric vehicle whose aim is to promote eco-friendly vehicle at the same time economical one, we are very much dedicated to bring your satisfaction.

We are offering different models of electric bike and electric scooter were parts are very much available removing your doubts and giving an after sales support with its entitled warranties. We do repairs as an service center of e-bikes, upgrades of speed and range , sharing our best knowledge for transparency and also we are very much open on your orders that you wanted to have.

Gxsun corp. E-bikes goal is to continue give, support and be consistent on matters with regards to our customers satisfaction.

Enjoy riding your chosen electric bike and more power to us!!!